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Why should you consider getting an office near Liverpool Street? 💭

1. Transport links 🚈: Liverpool Street station is one of the busiest railway stations in London and provides easy access to different parts of the city, as well as other major destinations in the UK. It's also well-connected to the London Underground, providing access to several lines, making it convenient for employees and clients to travel to and from the office.

2. Business hub 📍: Liverpool Street is located in the heart of the City of London, which is a major financial and business district. It is home to several banks, financial institutions, law firms, and other businesses. This makes it an ideal location for businesses that want to be in the midst of the action and network with other professionals in their field.

3. Amenities🛍🍻: The area around Liverpool Street has a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops, which can provide convenience and leisure options for employees and clients. It is also close to cultural attractions like the Barbican Centre, the Museum of London, and the Tower of London.

4. Talent pool🧑‍🎓: Liverpool Street is also surrounded by several universities, including University College London and King's College London, which means that there is a large pool of talented graduates and professionals in the area.

Overall, if you are looking for an office that is well-connected, in the heart of the business district, and surrounded by a range of amenities and talent, getting an office near Liverpool Street can be a good choice 👍🏻

Rare office opportunity near Liverpool Street with cracking amenities including an on-site Coffee Shop offering artisan coffees☕️, healthy breakfast and lunch selection🥣, event space with presentation facilities for up to 150 guests🥳, weekly free fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxercise etc🤸🥊. and much more, get in touch to find out more: / 07586 300172 🤙


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