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Well that was quick!

After a beauty parade of tenant representative firms, Ashwell London was appointed by a leading human rights lawyers to seek and acquire its new London HQ. We immediately undertook a forensic search of the market for property options openly available, and the not so openly available. The latter was through our landlord, agency and tenant contacts throughout core Central London.

A comprehensive search was undertaken and a clear view of the property landscape presented to our clients. This included the variation in types of available space in terms of serviced offices, fully fitted, landlord Category A specification in open plan and all styles of tenant-release space. There were choices and we placed our client in a strong negotiating position.

Our clients landlord then approached us offering a new lease for a term past our current lease end date in 2025. After a carefully considered consultation with the Partnership and detailed negotiations with the landlord, Ashwell London negotiated a new lease for a term to 2029, a new competitive rent, and rent free package thus securing certainty for our client for another 5 years.


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