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New spaces coming...and a picture of Cookie

We are excited to be bringing a number of newly refurbished office suites to the market over the next few weeks. Ranging in size from three 2,200 sq ft floors in Mayfair, fully fitted and beautifully furnished, to an 11,500 sq ft self contained warehouse building in Fitzrovia, undergoing a stunning refurbishment, celebrating its industrial heritage.

All are under wraps at the moment. Instead, we are very pleased to share an image of the office dog, Cookie.

So far this year we have concluded 130,000 sq ft of office lettings, and despite the dearth of quality supply of Grade A space, we are soon to announce a number of new profile transactions.

We also have up to 160,000 sq ft of brand new office schemes reaching practical completion over the next two years.

If you are seeking inspiring workplaces, please call us and we will be thrilled to hear from you.


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